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Good ol’ Wikipedia has more information on the woman if you want to learn more.

Here’s an extra tidbit of information for those who are interested in our blubbery whale friends: Most of us know that whales are mammals and not fish, which is probably why so many of us have an affinity for them. What many people don’t know, is that the reason that mammals are swimming with the fishes, but not in a “Godfather way”, is because whales evolved from small, wolf like and land dwelling mammals. One of the earliest known links was the Pakicetus, and he was just a little guy who used to graze along the shorelines. Kind of amazing that his descendants are now the largest mammals on the planet.

(Yes, they evolved. No magical being *poofed* them into existence as is. I don’t care what ancient texts tell you, evidence doesn’t lie.)

All it takes to make music is the ability to click on a square. Your first test is to click on the hyper link to the site. Then just click on the squares and listen to your symphony come to life.

Plan your tune out with cunning foresight, or just click randomly and listen to what comes out. Either way you go about it, you’re bound to get at least a little addicted.

Eat Ice Pops and Play!


via Plastic Ramen.

As our friend, Paul, describes him: Super Ninja.

Here’s the explanation in the YouTube video’s description:

“A Chinese man from the city of Wenzhou survives his motorcycle crash by executing an Aerial Twist upon impact with a car. The story is that he used to learn Kung Fu. He landed on his feet (but subsequently fell over after due to the amount of force from the impact) and survived with mere scratches. This is one of the original news reports.”

Take note of the fact that this guy wasn’t even wearing a helmet, and still walked away without even a headache. But then, who needs to wear a helmet when your bones are made of adamantium? Looks like Wolverine has a Chinese cousin.

(We do find it a tad odd, however, that not only does he walk away unscathed, but it seems everybody else walks away as well. Nobody seems to care that there is still a large hunk of motorcycle wreckage laying in the middle of an intersection.)

If the pachyderms and the canines can get past skin, hair, and body shape, why can’t we?

There are just some people in life who could do their taxes while riding a rollercoaster.

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We feel this is a fitting inaugural post for the new “Things that make you go, Wow!” category.

Mind you, I’m still waiting for my damn jet pack, so who knows what the future will bring.